-- Testimonials --

Marita T.
Humboldt Park, Chicago, IL

I moved back to Chicago in the beginning of the year and with summer approaching I had to find a salon to get my regular Brazilian bikini wax. I found Just Waxing Salon on yelp and decided to give it a try. I'm very satisfied with their services. Maria always make me feel comfortable and she is very fast and efficient. She makes the process less painful and I'm always satisfied with the results.

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Colleen C.

Alright, I'm finally giving this spot a hot 5-stars.

And, right now (November 1st through December 31st) they have a $99 package that will get you THREE Brazillians. That's $33/each for those of that don't dig math. If you don't like the package, they are still doing one-offs for $40...which is still...truly a steal. So if you were thinking about spiffing things up, now's your chance on a budget.

If you can, book with Mikasa. As painless as possible, chatty and sweet. The time will breeze by. She does a mean eyebrow too...I went to her right before my wedding, trust factor.

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Basil D.
Chicago, IL

I've been coming here for about 2 years. I've seen Stephanie grow. I can honestly say that the past three visits with Mikasa have been extraordinary. She's every bit as good as Lara Z says. She is very meticulous. I have my back waxed, and the hair is "swirled" in places so it can be particularly painful. Mikasa takes her time, puts aloe on before, baby powder on each little section she finishes and makes the pain go away very quickly. She takes her time!! Stephanie runs a great shop in general and her prices are not cheap but reasonable.

My one complaint is that the receptionist working today didn't give me the 20% email discount special that was going on. He told me about it AFTER I paid. I told him that I had been coming there for some time, which should have been obvious to him given that Mikasa remembered me immediately upon walking in the door. Why wasn't I emailed? I've been there a bunch of times! It should have been offered. That's not a way to treat your repeats!!! Stephanie (owner), please right this terrible wrong! I'll bump it to 5!

The best wax in the city by far!!!!!!!
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Lulu R.
Chicago, IL

OK. So I came in for a wax. During the Spring and summer they are running a charity for all hairy folks. $40 bucks gets you a full Brazilian. Yup, you heard right. Me and my gal pal set over to a journey to Just Waxing. Getting there was a breeze with plenty street parking (pay). We walk into this cute place a didn't hear any screaming from pain, so that's a good sign. We were greeted promptly and checked into our appointments. I had Mikasa and she was so very pleasant and professional. I recommend you as for her. She did a fantastic job as well as having a dynamic personality. She is well trained in how to really take the time out to do a thorough job. I am not going to get into full deets here but you get it, right?

I am really glad that we went here because of the outstanding service and professionalism, as well as skilled! JWS prices are very competitive and mainly unbeatable. I intend to come here for all my waxing needs. Next time you go there, ask for Mikasa, and tell them LuLu R. sent you!

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Nina T.
Chicago, IL

I just got the best eyebrows! Waxed by Mikasa and tinted by Chanara! Thank you, ladies for making me feel (and look :)) beautiful!

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